Big Audio Bug! Help!!!

When I added music to my game it starts out stuttering and then my game gets lagger and lagger until it freezes. This has never happened to me before. Help?

Can you provide more information about your setup?

I don’t exactly understand what you mean so i’m just gonna guess. I’m using UE4.23 and I have a fairly good computer.

How are you playing the sound? With a script? Are you spawning a new sound every tick? How have you implemented your music?

I’m just doing a play sound at 2D. No im not spawning a new sound every tick. I imported it in.

Can you take a screen shot of your Blueprint graph or your C++ code?

I don’t know how to help you because I cannot reproduce your problem. So I will need more information about how exactly you’re doing this so that I can see how to reproduce your problem and then either help you resolve it or determine if there’s a bug in the Engine.

I updated to 4.24 and it fixed itself