Bierzerkers - Update and now taking Alpha sign-ups!

Hello everyone!

Last time we posted here we were on our way to PAX Prime (graciously hosted there by Epic). To those of you that have followed us along the way we are greatly appreciative. We’ve since shown the game at Indiecade (thanks again to Epic) and PAX South.

Wanted to share an update with y’all on our game Bierzerkers and invite everyone to sign up for our Alpha.

What is Bierzerkers?

Bierzerkers is a class-based online multiplayer melee combat game, made in UE4. At PAX we were supporting 2v2 online play and have since bumped it up to 4v4. The setting of Bierzerkers is a highly satirical Asgard, essentially Viking heaven, where our Bierzerkers enjoy drinking and fighting for eternity.

Four classes are currently in the Alpha - Raider (balanced fighter), Drunkard (healer/support), Scoundrel (short range glass cannon), and Huntress (long range). We’ve also got 4 maps in the game, 2 of which feature some interesting environmental hazards.

You can see some gameplay footage from our last Alpha playtest (from a playtester) here:

Anyway, just thought I’d share this on the WIP forum. If you guys get a chance please sign up for the Alpha, we’ll be running some more playtests next week to work out the kinks in our online systems as well as gather feedback from everyone.

If anyone has any questions about the game or how we use the engine - whether they be technical, creative, or otherwise, please post!

If you’d like to follow us on twitter you can do so here.


-Vince Fennel AKA Skytram