Biecz hillview house

Hi everybody,

I wanted to share with you my first UE4 archiviz I have just finished. Previously i’ve been making stills only in other software but i had to start making flythroughs and movies. Although UE4 is not as easy as i thought it to be, i am impressed with quality and performance and i think it will be my core software for archiviz. As i counted, it would take about 5 years to render same movie in same quality in conventional render software on my hardware:) so I am sitll in shock.

I have encountered countless issues, in fact with everything from understanding the basics to final rendering but I have never used any game engine before. Also UE4 texture nodes are not very intuitional for me as well as multi-windowing. Especially after working with blender.

Please comment and suggest what parts I should focus on to make my works more and more realistic. I would appreciate it.

The city behind windows is Biecz - small 5 000 citizens medieval city located in Lesser Poland voivodeship in Poland. Architecture was made by Karolina Czech, my other half. The song is called Superstar and is made by L.Stadt alternative rock music band from Łódź - my home city.

Hope you’ll like it, thanks for watching and any comments:

Nice scene, cool kitchen chairs (I have the same at home hehe) and stunning background implementation.