Bicycle and cyclist

Hi - I’m looking to source a bicycle with a cyclist on it.
The cyclist would not need to come off the bike - they would always be on the bike. The animations would need to be dynamic in so far as the speed built up by the bike would need to be reflected in the speed the cyclist pedals at. This is not a commercial project so the bike & cyclist could be from turbosquid. Ideally the cyclist would put their foot on the ground when stationary to make it look realistic.

If this is something someone is interested in creating or if you already have something like this from an existing project and are interested in selling it please PM me a quote.
The models would need to have working blueprints so that the regular keyboard control would work.

If you want to do this yourself there’s lots of free bike meshes on sites like Turbosquid. For the cyclist you could use the free version of Adobe Fuse. For helmet check turbosquid and attach to a head socket. For animation setup an IK rig - Mixamo (auto-rigger for Fuse characters) includes hand and feet IK. Attach handlebars to hand sockets and bike pedals to foot sockets and let its rotation drive the foot movement rather than relying on characters animation to drive the rotation of the pedals. That same cyclist could easily detach from bike and run/walk/etc.

Thanks NobleSpoon. Would the hand/feet sockets be attached to the bike in mixamo or in unreal. If its unreal what sub-window is this done in or is it done via blueprints? What would the best way be to create an acceleration and physics system for a bicycle.?Would this have to be done from scratch or are there existing AI blueprints that could be used. I’m not sure if I’ll have time to do all this in a limited time frame so I’d consider outsourcing this if any freelancers are interested.

I’m just submitting this project today in marketplace :smiley:

Well that’s convenient, lol. Awesome stuff! Have you decided on a price yet?

Thanks, yes the price is 30$

Excellent how weird was that!

Hi, I can’t find your product in the marketplace, is it available?

Thanks :slight_smile: