Bhop for Player

How to make a jump (bhop) for the character, as shown in the video?

I assume you’re talking about the way the players arms are moving in and out as they move and jump?

To do something similar as is done in the mode Deathrun in CS

if you add forward and right control stick inputs together, and add that to the acceleration without normalizing the vector, you will get a speed bonus for strafing.

if you add a landing state between the falling state and walking state, which gives you a few frames without applying ground friction, before transitioning to the walking state, you will retain your speed as long as you time your jumps as you land.

if you want to lower the max velocity for players who continue in the same direction, rather than players who are constantly changing directions, you can take the dot product of your old velocity and new velocity, which gives you a float that represents how much you are changing directions, and just use that to lerp between which max velocity to apply. that way, turning while jumping keeps you going faster than just jumping.