Beyond Enemy Lines | The resurrection of classic, tactical, singleplayer FPS


my name is Daniel, founder of Polygon Art and the german one-man developer of Beyond Enemy Lines. Beyond Enemy Lines is a tactical, challenging shooter build with the Unreal Engine 4 and a spiritual successor to Project IGI (Innerloop / Eidos - 2000).

You are a Special Agent, a member of Silent Ace. Equipped with state of the art weapons and equipment you operate in absolute secrecy as a lone wolf far beyond enemy lines. Your Task: Gain back control of a satellite equipped with nuclear missiles captured by russian separatists.Beyond Enemy Lines combines modern technology and classic gameplay to the new state of large scale tactical first person shooter! It’s all up to you. Think your way in, observe the enemies and sneak into the enemy base or just shoot your way in.

Beyond Enemy Lines is designed with classic values of shooter genres in mind. No Auto-Heal, no Aim-Assistance, no unnecessary tooltips and markers on the screen. It depends on your skill whether you’re successful or not.

Beyond Enemy Lines offers countless varieties of solutions for every situation. The non scripted AI reacts dynamically to all danger and suspicious actions. They are able to select their own patrol routes, call for help or run to the nearest cover. Because of this dynamic behaviour, the same mission never plays the same. Be prepared you’ll never know where the next enemy will be!


  • PC exclusive singleplayer tactical-shooter without any compromises
  • Dynamic, non-scripted AI
  • Countless weapons and gadgets that support tactical gameplay
  • Every action has consequences - The opening of drawers or simple reloading caused noise and your enemies have ears
  • large scale mission areas with countless varieties of solutions
  • The total freedom - sneak into the enemy base as a secret agent or shoot your way in!

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What do you think about my game that I’m working on for more than 2 years?

The progress you have looks pretty good, from the screencaps.

The idea of the game brings me back to the old days of FPS when I was younger. I miss those days to be quite frank and would love to see your future progress!

Thank you and you will see this game very soon :slight_smile:


Beyond Enemy Lines launches on Kickstarter & Steam Greenlight this week!
Including a public Alpha-Demo!

Read everything important here:

Kickstarter & Steam Greenlight is now live!

Kickstarter | Steam Greenlight| Alpha Demo

The Alpha Demo was updated to version 11575 including AI and Map improvements.

v11575 Changelog (22. August 2016)


  • rebalanced AI reaction time


  • Trainyard - improved balance

  • Trainyard - climb fence hint message

  • Trainyard - fixed visual bugs

  • Village - improved balance


  • repaced Trainyard loading screen

  • added music slider to the audio options menu

Kickstarter | Steam Greenlight| Alpha Demo