Beware of auto correct

Just discussing my game making progress with a pal and I was victim to autocorrect in the most disturbing of ways o_O


ROFLMAO … that is the best I have seen in a long time. 8-}

ha, nice:D

On another note, rigging in blender was much easier than I had anticipated…Now to learn animation

Puts a whole new light on the Octodad game. :slight_smile:

Haha, that’s too funny. I had to turn off autocorrect on my phone for that very reason, too many slip ups. =P

Auto correct needs an auto correct for itself. And Testicles! That’s so funny! It Almost belongs in a Flying Circus sketch! (if they had phones)

My phone corrected genius to genitals once. You are most definitely not alone. :wink:

My friend never replied…I think I scared him away :confused:

That sucks. :frowning: