BetterLightThanNever - Lost & Found

Lost & Found

Student Submission: Yes/No (No)

Credits to sourced content:
old rusty car by Renafox
mayflower stairs by Artfletch
box and chest from Quixel

Hopefully it will up in last minute :slight_smile:

Right had so much fun with this one, I found about this three days ago and just worked as fast as I could on this.
Challenge was the free photogrammetry asset that I used, had to break it down in several chunks for Lumen to work properly. I did not use Nanite simply because of other free assets I planned to use.

Story wise I wanted to get that night + fog / blue + orange setup and show a mystery treasure box in abandon location.
I also used physically correct camera and light values and set light units to Lumen.
Last minute edit, I noticed a light leak on top left of ceiling and quickly fixed it. Issue can be seen in second picture.

Unreal 5


Some work in progress shots.

Used mask cutout to get off camera tree shadows projecting on car and in room. Mostly played around placement of lights and the impact they had individually on overall scene.
Had fun using manual key frame animation for flicker light effect.
Only if I had known about this earlier it be more refined.