Better way to tabbed system?

Before start, I’m not a native speaker of English, so It may be awkward.

I’m making a VR simulator of machine. And there are some screen panels with many tabed menus. It is typical tabs, there are tab buttons on top and if I touch a one of the buttons, then screen display coresponding tab. It’s simple, but number of tabs is quite huge. Upper screen has tabs, lower screen has tabs, left screen has tabs in tabs, so totall 30+ tabs are there.

I made it little bit with buttons and widget switcher. Create onClick event and connect with Set Active Widget function. It works well, but it needs to create every button onClick event doing basically same job.

It makes blueprint ugly and complicate. So I’m trying to find better way. And I believe there is simple and better way because this kind of tab system is so common.

If you know better way, please help.

Thank you