Better way to handel Navigation mesh?

I’m using Nav mesh over my entire large terrain and when loading the map i have to wait 10-20 minutes while it builds. Is there a better way to apply nav mesh? Are there optimizations that I do not see somewhere?

Well, first thing I would do is, if possible, break up the map into several streaming levels.

Otherwise, you could increase the agents radius. It won’t find paths on narrow areas, but navmesh building will be faster. You can edit this by editing an actor that is automatically spawned but invisible: RecastNavMesh. Look for it in the scene outliner (it should be called RecastNavMesh-Common), and edit its properties (Details panel). Increase Agent Radius.

The are probably other optimizations that could be done there, but I haven’t investigated it yet. One I just found is unchecking Perform Voxel Filtering. Maybe increase Max simplification error too. Or changing the partitioning method (it’s an advanced property, click the little arrow under Generation). Maybe increasing Cell Size will help too.

Very usefull information when having problems with landscapes and navmesh, these are very important settings for optimizing navmesh generation! Thanks.

Update: these settings should be set on Project Settings / Navigation Mesh. Setting it on the RecastNavMesh as I mentioned will likely affect only the current level.