Better Unreal Engine Support

Like newer documents that are up to date, Newer video tutorials. The documents I have found are so out of date. I have never been able to get them to work. and as for the video tutorials.
Nost of the youtube videos is 1 to 5 years out of date. I know the Unreal Engine teams are busy and going nuts trying to keep it updated and working. The best part of it that’s it’s free. So I don’t think anyone can complain about it too much. I watch a video on youtube from Unreal Engine, It’s the only one I watched and got it to work. It’s just he left out too much. Like drag and drop, Crafting. Action Bar. I spend more time on Google than I do working on my project. I post messages on the forums and never get a reply on most of my posts. I just want an easy way to learn Unreal Engine without having to look it up on Google. Just to find outdated stuff.

Hey iceman11a, thanks for the feedback. I work with the Unreal Engine Documentation team, and I’ll be sure to pass along your thoughts. We’re working hard and expanding our team to help meet the needs of Unreal Engine users. In the meantime, are there any specific items or areas where you would like to see more/updated documentation?

Yes there is. The documents and videos I have seen so far are so old. That they just don’t work. Landscaping, Using materials and Textures in ue4. This is one of my biggest issues. More asset resources. Power Systems. Conveyor systems, Machines and Structures, Vehicles, Air Craft and so on. Any resources with out videos or documents should be held back from the market place until doc’s can be made. I download and install assets from the market place and I have no idea how to use them. No Videos or documents. Keep videos updated and resources for them available.

I know I’m asking for a lot. I started making my own game so I would have more fun playing it. Then I would playing someone else’s work. Just to play them seems like work and you have to be a rocket scientist to play them.


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mAYBE more docs for world composition, yes its going to be replaced but thats a ways off ? I can’t add landmass to my tiles which makes no sense and very needed, I suppose I’ll be able to work around it whne I get time but just another unnecessary inconvenience holding me back.

Also, please make it non coder friendly to fix terrains, so that I can sculpt below the lowest point. Thats incredibly agonizing that as a designer I’m stuck unable to ‘design’ :wink: There are workarounds for that but they are horrifically unpleasant and non real world. I hear that’s a Numbers issue, low to high, but if thats true and the power of said numbers, why isn’t there a easy way in editor to fix that. WE’re not all programmers, we need easy(ier) ways to allow our creativity to THRIVE ;z)

Navigation System, Crowd Manager and Avoidance are missing tons of documentation.

There are whole giant panels of granular, cryptic settings related to how navigation and its agents work in project settings:

…but the only way to understand how these work, and how they relate to navmesh and so on is to spend a few days browsing the engine source code and stumbling upon comments which provide some clues.

If someone is just starting out, learning the Engine, and they have no experience with reading C++ code and/or familiarity with the intricacies of the navmesh agent implementations in game engines, they have pretty much 0 chance of utilizing it properly.

For example, just the simple Find Path to Location node, with the Pathfinding Context input:

What is path finding context? How come it can accept navigation data, which is a level actor, or Controller, which is not/ What IS a pathfinding query? How does FindPathToLocation use it? Is it related to Project-Wide navmesh agent settings in the screenshot above? Or does it override it? What actual data does it use?

This is so confusing. Average person has really no chance of figuring out what its actually for unless they dig inside the source code.

So the whole Navigation, Agent and Crowd system needs some proper documentation with example use cases. All that we have now is autogenerated documentation in the form of list of functions with the function comments, if they have any.

Imho, go through all ToolTip infos and update those which are missing a proper tooltip. In this process setup a datatable for all tooltips, if not yet done so.

I hope this helps echo_four. See what I mean. I guess. Your tutorials section on unreal engine main web site needs to be changed and update. I have spent so much time on there and never could find what I was looking for.

Make it simple. If you make it too hard for beginners. Then they never will be able to get anything completed unless they get help.

If there’s anything I can do to help. Let me know.

Talk about uncomfortable truth. Not sure Epic mgt really get the message though. They live in some kind of alt-reality bubble.:rolleyes:
The only real options are browse source or invest huge amounts of time building test projects to understand how things work.:wink:


What improvements to the UE docs???

Sorry, but its too soon for Epic to-pat-itself-on-the-back and say ‘job well done’.
You simply haven’t done enough yet, under-investing in docs+support for years!
Comments from past threads, the feedback above and HERE, is the end result.:wink:

Guys thanks for all your feedback, It was great. Look I started making my own game. I’m having too many issues with Nodes breaking. and I wanted to search for that issue to see if anyone else has had that issue. Anyway thanks again.