Better support for Blender

Hey all,

I’m just starting developing with Unreal Engine 4 but I wanted to make a remark. After doing some research I realized that Unreal Engine 4 seems to work better with Autodesk products through better support of their file types (.FBX) and through plugins (ART).

Because EPIC is clearly pushing and trying to cater to the indie crowd, there should be better support for cheaper and more accessible software like Blender. An official EPIC plugin not unlike ART and support for .blend files would go a very long way.

After looking at the roadmap for Unreal Engine I noticed no such plans were in the works. Unity already has support for .blend files.

If EPIC has a problem with Blender overall they could also simply contribute to the source code and fix what they don’t like about it, or at least tweak things a little. Blender is an incredibly popular piece of software that needs more love from EPIC. It will only come back and bite them in the *** if they don’t by giving Unreal Engine’s competition an edge.

Thank you to everyone that took the time to read this,


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