Better support for Blender Rigs


We needed a decent rig for blender like a forever ago. Why do we not have one?

This person is trying to make one . But it has problems such as mirrored poses for run cycles.

We have to try to reverse engineer our way into a black box in order to get the UE4 rig going.

I feel pretty nasty about this, Epic is essentially relying on people to pirate Maya so they can create animations and animate for UE4 and that really ****** me off. Pirating software is unethical, not because microsoft/adobe/autodesk or some other shonk doesn’t get their hands on your cash, but rather because you’re removing your support from the open-source and free alternatives through piracy. Microsoft/Adobe/Autodesk, all made their products the unchallenged industry standard through piracy.

So Epic, please think ethically, I know that you guys gave a generous donation to the blender foundation, but we really need this particular issue fixed.

I might be jumping the gun a little bit. But this script I wrote seems to fix some of the mirrored pose issues .

Uh… nobody ‘has to’ pirate anything! Just because UE4 is now free does not entitle you to be able to make all your game assets for free. It would be a nice win for the free software community if you could make a game without paying for software but it’s not Epic’s fault that you have roadblocks :confused: