Better raycast results for arcade racer


I’m creating an arcade racing game using the Arcade Vehicle System from the marketplace. Now this issue isn’t only happening with this pack, I’ve had it with other solutions as well.
Basically instead of using physical tire collisions these models work with suspension raycasts.
However these raycast penetrate geometry collision very often getting the vehicle stuck in place. I know this can happens at high speeds but even after spawning the vehicle the drop is enough to get stuck.

Are there any known practices or techniques that can remove this unwanted effect?
I already upped the physic sub stepping and that did seem to work a little bit. But as soon as there is collision(also between vehicles) it’s possible the vehicles get stuck.
Another solution I’m thinking about is increasing the scale of my objects. Larger heavier vehicles seem to handle this better.

Here is a video showing what I mean:

Maybe use a box collision, and with it use the overlap event and use it how you desire…