Better oculus uses

So I have been looking all over for how to make system calls within the engine (knowing it probably was not possible as is). What I am looking to do is make a 3d environment in UE4 that allows common computing task such as browsing the web, maybe sending mail and such… Just to provide a sort of 3d desktop seeing as how UE4 comes standard with Oculus support. I found a video where a german guy was showing off his l33t hax0r nonsense but obviously he was just showing off running ntop and firefox and stat in linux by calling on the terminal…

To be honest I would rather have someone do it but no one has… So my question is: do I have to include the libs for extra software (which is generally impossible in microsoft products unless you pay’n)…

I haven’t even gotten into C++ coding within the engine yet (due to learning how to build things in the engine (As programmer) which has taken me very long time…

Can I add my own cpp files without building a branch of the code so to create a framework to translate outside creatures such as IE (YES IKKY but easy to call on anywhere in winblows)? In other words without doing an entirely new build out from the source can I build a framework? All I have seen so far is adding header files?

Do you want to make an entirely new and unique 3 dimensional interface? There is an Rift app called Virtual Desktop otherwise that should let you do generic application tasks in a vr envirinment.

The thing to realize is that there is no easy way to run a desktop application, capture the rendered result and represent in unreal.
To closest I have come in my ideas of a virtual desktop is like you mentioned, you write a custom displaymanager for a linux dist and ouput to a occulus.

You won’t have app specific calls in unreal, so what you are essentialy required to do is implement all features you need.

Maybe there are some basic webview code that runs in c++ where you can hook in some custom rendering calls, get a texture and display in game.
You can do anything within unreal engine that you can do in c/c++ in general, it’s only that c/c++ in general is not a complete set of features or programs.

This is due to the fact that unreal engine is a game and not a operating system. :wink:

Fredrum – I just found virtual desktop… :smiley:
Seeing as how my DK2 is still in the mail I will check it out when it comes (It is sitting comfortably in my oculus software directory in preperation)… It looks like what I am attempting to do is done… So cool! someone else DID do it… We will see if I hit that “OMG what were they thinking?” mark. That is the one where I fire up a text editor and start coding…

TheSpaceMan: Feature wise it is diffidently for games. But that means nothing in the end when you have access to the codebase. In the linux demo I saw (before mentioned) he was pretty much running a bash shell within ue (Not sure if it is was udk or ue4)… NOW! that alone would be cool… Of course there are no links, no explanation on that video. As far as I know he just did a clever animation scene in blender… I suppose writing a framework would be the best bet.

After all L337 hax0r is not always l337…