Better notifications for content updates

Currently when some of the downloaded content (in Vault) gets an update, there’s that orange notification icon on Library tab. Right now if you click it, it’ll just tell there are updates but it doesn’t tell what has been updated.

Right now the only way to find the updated items is to scroll the vault list and try to see where you can spot the same orange notification, but this can be quite tedious if you have lots of assets there. Since notification icon itself is on top of the asset preview image, it’s not always that easy to spot either.

Suggestions how to improve this:

  1. Don’t overlay the notification icon on top of the asset preview image. Or just put the icon after the asset title instead. Right now it’s just too easy to miss.

  2. When you click the notification icon with the number, show an actual list of items that have downloadable updates.

Seems to be a common problem :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe there could be a particle effect, or a strobe like effect :smiley:

Heh, and I actually did a search before posting but didn’t look at the right words. :slight_smile: I’ll continue on that other thread.