Better Light Than Never - IMAGINE


Submission 30s Cut:

Original 41s Cut:

Student Submission: No

Hi all!

It was pure fun to create something very different from what I usually do. At first I wanted to go with environments and mood that are with me everytime I get to light something but then I looked at my daughter’s table with various LEGO creations, so different from each other but all together in every possible story she imagine everyday just like I did and to be honest - still do.

After coming up with LEGO, I’ve searched for tool where I can find, construct and export lego sets to Unreal Engine 5, to test how it behaves with Nanite and Lumen and - it’s perfect.
For this I used Studio 2.0 and it’s library - Great tool!

Also I’m waiting for Lego game made in UE5 - just look at the interior!

Then I spent some time to recreate this specific feeling of LEGOs’ surface, shiny plastic but with fingerprints and scratches addition to it’s story.

Also figuring translucency for green plastic helped a lot.

For the lighting, besides directional and skylight I used couple of filling/composing lights around models just to help them shine. I established bloom to make the image softer and then the cameras with proper DoF settings did the magic

The real fun begun when I found this song from Billy Murray - in a second I was taken by old Disney mood and knew that there will be more than closeups. I had to make everything dance and really wanted to make it a magical moment.

I used 25FPS for the camera and random, glitchy animation for Lego with Constant keyframes to simulate stop motion feeling.

Anyway - This was a great ride! Kudos to all Artists in here - hats off!
Thanks Unreal for this and thanks all my friends and teammates for feedback.

Credits to sourced content:
Music - Billy Murray and Haydn Quartet - By The Light of The Silv’ry Moon

LEGO - Bricklink Gallery

Interior - SMART ArchViz Interior Pack 01/Dekogon

Made with 5.0.2.


I was gonna do legos! This is so beautiful… Well done. (might wanna render 30sec and under though)

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Hello Tom

That’s an impressive work there…I have been using Unreal for past three year and I didn’t realize that stop animation style animation was possible…can you give some insight? Cheers!



I tried to cut 10s but I broke pacing and overall mood and that was essential.

It’s nice to go rebel sometimes. :wink:

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Hi thank you! Just use Constant Keyframes when animating -
then the transition is happening in the frame not between the frames so you can move camera with your regular fps and then for instance keyframe every 6 frames to have stop motion feeling


Oh wow! Should have realized that’s how its done…Thanks!

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Always! Thank you!

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Maaan this is awesome! just amazing work!

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Wow, hat off to you sir! This is so charming and cute. Reminds me abit of a pixar short. Great job all around!

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Definitely a winner right here. You made Lumen shine here friend

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I think this is the ONLY entry I’ve seen, that understands what the point of the competition is…


So cute ! With a Toy story feeling, somewhat :slight_smile: !

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Thank you! This means a lot since I took a risk and stepped out from my comfort zone. Glad you like it!


Very good creative!

I wonder if I can submit an additional 10sec render - I couldn’t decide between two shots.

Nice, I love the moving moment and how objects react with the lighting, it feels so warm.

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That is awesome. Beautiful work, both technically, and narratively. Bravo!

Greetings @tombentkowski !

Welcome to the Unreal Engine community! :medal_sports:

I absolutely, positively loved your video! This was genius! I am beyond amazed! This was fun, lighthearted, and conveyed so much without having to say anything at all! This was nostalgia, creativity, adventure, mystery, and comedy all combined in a well-executed, properly lit for the mood, masterpiece! Thank you for walking us through your project and sharing your inspirations!

Are you a professional or a hobbyist?


Woah, thank you for such a kind response, I’m so happy that my personal feelings managed to transition through this piece.

I’m a professional Lighting Artist but yet Lighting is my biggest hobby :slight_smile: