Better landscapes

Hello people,

I have a question. Currently I’m using the pro version of World Machine and I’m liking it. But whenever I create a landscape and import it into the engine, it look kind of “flat”. You can’t see a lot of detail when you come closer. I know you’re supposed to add foliage to your level, but even then it doesn’t look quite right. I’ve seen games where there’s a lot of detail in de landscapes, and it seems they’re using seperate meshes for mountains and hills. How do I make my landscape look “better”. I’ve tried using Blender, but when I try to import that it imports as a static mesh and I lose the ability to add features exclusive to landscapes.

I know this is a hard question to answer. Any help would be apreciated. :smiley:

With detailed landscapes, I mean distplacement in the X and Y axes as well. When importing a landscape image, it only modifies the Z axis (elevation). I’d love to know if it’s possible to add details along the X and Y axes as well.

Hi! Go under world commands > Project world parameters and make sure the normal build resolution is set to at least 2048x2048

Then build the whole world and export via the height output (by double clicking on it), make sure you’re exporting as RAW16. Hope that helps! :wink:

Thanks for the tip! Actually, I’m using the resolution Unreal Engine recommends:

I’m more looking for adding detail on vertical slopes, for example rocks baked into the mountains, without it looking distorted, like in The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild. In that game the mountains have a lot of details, even on vertical parts.

I’ve found a solution: I can just add those details using static meshes created in Blender. That way I can still have my landscape AND add details to them. Now I just need to make it so these meshes blend in with the landscapes seamlessly.