Better Jump Loop? (Video)

I’m trying to follow the Wes Bunn live stream

I’ve use a few different animations for beginning/middle/end of jump.

When the jump lands, the character keeps moving, making the animation ‘slide’ and not look so natural.
Any tips on this? *using the skeleton from Mixamo so can’t use the default unreal jump animations I think.

The problem is your animation.
It’s a different kind of jump landing and it’s not ment to work with the way that the movement is coded.

You have to stop the movement, wait for recovery, and enable movement again after recovery has occurred.
Normally this is done with notifies, so you can fine tune when to get up.

Ideally This is done with anim curves and a predictive animation sequence, so that the anim changes are fired properly based on what will happen next frame…

Your land animation is made for a still landing. Where you just land and stay in one place. You need to replace it with a land and roll or running land animation. Most animation sets will have an option like that so search for it on the mixamo site.

Alternatively you can force the character movement component to disable input until your land animation has fully played out. While this will look great, it feels awful for the player to lose control of character movement. Even for a little while. The best option here is to create or get a better landing animation.

Hey [USER=“3140864”]MostHost LA[/USER] & @Waves, thanks for your replies.
I will try and swap out the landing animation with a new one and see if I can improve it, and also try the ‘remove control’ solution just for a test (and to see how it feels as a player).

Super thanks!