Better integration with VS Code

When I saw that new UE4 versions could change the IDE they use, i was excited to try using VS Code, specially because i love how light, easy to use, and extensible is, but the thing is that the integration isn’t that good. I know you can, well, extended VS Code to work better with UE4, and that is actually the point, to extend it and make it work, but I feel the Engine like, struggles a little with this program. Improving the integration can also help to devs in other platforms (Mac, Linux), since is basically the same program, making projects easier to share, or at least, that’s my idea.

VS Code has Workspaces file that the Engine could generate (Like the .sln files or the xcode files) along side with the debug and include files so things like Intellisense are easier to configure and also helps to debug code.

I wish to know what others think about having a better integration of this program :smiley: in my opinion it could be a great win-win