Better Hosting Strategy for Positional Voice chat supported Multiplayer Game with 100 players

Hi All,

I am currently looking into developing a Multiplayer game with 100 players at Max.
Each player will be having a Positional Voice chat.

My Game will be having 100 Metahuman each having the positional voice chat. (Let us avoid hardware constraints to handle 100 metahumans for now. With better LODSync, I believe I should be able to handle that.)
Consider that the Map is like a small 1 KM map.

Here are the things I explored so far.

Epic Online Service (EOS): Limited to 16 voice chat players. Has limitations on how many sessions can be created and updated per minute.
It does work on P2P technology. I am not sure how efficiently it handles 100 players.
Does the network route happens P2P for each player?. Does one player have to send data to every 99 other players?
Does the UVOIPTalker component work with EOS?

Steam Subsystem: Supports Voice chat. But, Can it scale to 100 players?

SpatialOS: Looks good. How is the experience so far?. Their pricing plan is not straightforward. I couldn’t find any information related to voice chat.

I don’t want to host a dedicated server in Google Cloud or AWS. At least it will be my worst-case scenario. Handling 100 multiplayer data on a separate server will increase the operation cost.

Please tell me your suggestion on the proper way to proceed with my requirements.