Better for Gamers and Epic? Skins.

Epic’s limited time skins appear for a short time, then either never come back or come back randomly unexpectedly. For example, I wasn’t able to get the “Burnout” skin until now. After I ate dinner, I went to go buy it and it was gone. Now I have to wait until it comes out maybe a third time or wait until Epic releases something like it. Allowing all the skins and everything including emotes, gliders, etc. in a separate tab will allow us to buy this skin we want at any time, and allows us to actually buy something. Sometimes people won’t buy anything at all if they can’t get the skin they want. Making all the skins available to everyone at all times is going to result in a lot more money being gained. And yes, there is the factor of having a “special” skin. Well, maybe a price raise to skins like the skull trooper and the red night can happen for a special ish feeling. Or, at least just have it come out multiple times at a lower price each time, then have the skin go bye bye. 2 times isn’t really enough, maybe 3 or 4? This is my opinion. Please feel free to add on to or argue against this Epic or Epic’s community.

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