better exsamples of what people are selling on the marketplace

I really think epic need better examples of what people are selling, by this I mean, a actual example of the product in use, some do but I have seen many that just use the “Ball” as there examples this happens more when people are showing a material. I really don’t have any conference when buy martials/Texture’s on the market place. just about every martials look good in the with the ball and a very small plane. but when you open it up and put it to use you find that it looks substandard when it is tiled or just dose not look as good as the pics on the marketplace, have the example of what object that it was designed for.

if people are selling “landscape” materials/textures

  • what they look like on a landscape
  • what they look like from the view a player camera

selling a rock texture

  • what dose it look like on a rock

  • bark texture

  • what dose it look like on a tree

and so on and so on (you get the picture)