Better custom input device integration


We’re trying to add the support of a radio controller like this:, they are used to control quadcopters. We finished to implement a library accessing the device via the USB port and everything works well. We are now trying to integrate it to UE4. We initially thought that we would be able to implement a plugin and add a new type of input device with the same level of integration that gamepad, keyboard and mouse have. So we could go in Settings>Input and when adding a new binding we would see a new custom category (like “radio controller” for instance) and underneath all the type of input (left-joystick X-axis, left-joystick Y-axis, right-joystick X-axis, right-joystick Y-axis, buttons, etc.). So we could switch between type of input device without changing our code. If I’m not mistaken, it’s not possible right? All the plugins I have seen so far to add a new type of input device (Kinect, joysticks, even the official Leap Motion plugin) do it differently. And they all choose a different approach.

I have no idea of the work needed behind this (I haven’t looked at the source code yet), but do you think that would be possible to give us access to that via plugins? I could see some value into that. If a plugin could add a custom input device with the same level of integration than the one included with Unreal (like keyboard and mouse), I’m fairly certain we would see numerous plugins popping up to allow all kind of different interaction with Unreal (on the Marketplace or elsewhere).

What do you think?

You should first see that: