Better Blueprint struct individual variable setting

Hello! If there is a better way of changing the value of an individual variable in an Enum in blueprint, then please let me know. But for now, this is the only thing I got:


You have to get the Struct, break it, make another struct, then have all the variables except the one you want to change the same the original struct, and then go back into the variable you want to define. It takes up too much space and time. Sometimes you just want to change a certain value that you call a lot, but it just happens to be inside a struct, and this gets in the way.

What I propose instead is something like the Enum selector:

Just picture the same thing, but with the nodes changing the variable type as you select a different entry in the struct. Nothing too complicated, but would facilitate the use of structs quite a bit.


You can use the Node “Set struct member”. There you can enable single struct members you want to change.

Oh yeah!! I hadn’t seen that. Thank you!

Should I delete this post?

doesnt work with array :frowning:

It works in 4.13 according to the changelog

doesnt work for me.

Did this node disappear in the last four years, or doesn’t it work in a function (library)?

Feels like I’m missing something very basic here…