Better Blueprint Enum Management

Hello! While working with Enums in blueprint I have found that moving entries up and down the list is a massive pain. I have to click the arrow pointing up every single time to keep moving up. At first it’s not a big deal, but eventually my Enums get pretty big and I like to have them organized. Therefore I think it would be great if you could make it so that developers can just click and drag an entry and move it up and down the list. Obviously it’s a minor thing, but I’d really like to see this implemented.

Thank you!

Yes, this could be helpful for Structs, function inputs/outputs, and a few other things as well.

good idea! please epic just do it!

Because moving enums up and down is gimmicky, its not actually swap the value, only the order of appearing, also it has an issue, if you remove item, all chosen enums in stuff like “is equal” or data tables would be moved or set to enum_MAX (for enum: 1 2 3 4 if you remove 2 all schosen values for 3 would be set as 4 and 4 would be set as enum_max, basically moved down, something like that). Also the lack of ability to get “Enum_MAX” is an issue as well.

Is easier to creat Enums from C++;
If you do this:

class MyEnumName : uint8 {

You can use it as a Blueprint enum anywhere while ordering all 255 items anyway you want through text editor which is much easier and faster to use than Enum editor. It just have to own the ‘BlueprintType’ tag.

Ahh yeah, I remember that as well. Maybe a checkbox somewhere to change the values depending on the order? That might be a bit more complicated to implement because it would have to refactor the values used in other blueprints too. Nice to have nonetheless :slight_smile:

I had no idea it was that easy! I might just end up doing that. Still worth asking for though, it seems more cohesive to be able to work comfortably within the blueprint ecosystem than having to go into c++ to create an Enum, especially for designers. I don’t have an issue with it, so thank you for that suggestion! Also, like Jamendxman3 said, it could work for many other types as well.

Hey everyone,

I’ve gone ahead and entered a feature request to be considered by our developers, UE-32963. Thanks a lot for your suggestion!

Thank you!