Better Blender FBX addon

Hey everyone!

I found today an FBX addon for Blender that allows you to import rigged FBX files into Blender. I did one hell of a happy dance today :smiley:
It also exports as FBX 2013, so no more outdated FBX warnings when you import to Unreal.

The addon that comes with Blender 2.7 “works”… for exports… but it can be a hassle whilst working with Unreal since we are constantly dealing with fbx files and its an export-only pipeline… so this just eases the headaches.

Make sure to follow the install notes. You’ll also need to install “UmConv” to your blender folder, it’s all detailed in the install notes.

Have a great workflow! :cool:

…:mad: $#!^

For exporting animations though, you’ll still need the default FBX exporter.

I would only use the plugin I linked for importing FBX files into blender(which works great). As far as exporting I suggest using the FBX addon that comes default with Blender.