Better autorig then art?

hi guys
I was testing ART rigging tools and it have a lot of features i dont need as a single developer, while it has features that i do need like auto faciel rigger. Also, the ux felt wrong for me personally.

Can i pickup another rigger and expect it to connect to the unreal skeleton with no problem ?
I was thinking about this one:
FREE – PERSEUS AUTO RIG (there are others as well)

Advanced Skeleton is free and still pushing out updates pretty frequently:

Imo it’s a bit bloated but it works. Also includes some functionality specifically for UE4 exporting, but I haven’t tried using them so can’t say how helpful they are.

[Edit] Btw, ART v1 is very old and not technically supported for Maya 2018, I think. The dev has been working on ART v2 for a while, but it’s slow because he doesn’t work for Epic anymore and is basically trying to do this for free in his spare time.

Thank you
It seems that the only problem then with current auto rigs is the export for unrealengine no ? to match the skeleton ?
Im tring to understand,

can akeytsu be a good solution ?
What most of you guys using in this area?

** just saw allrightrig tool in the marketplace, anyone tried that out ?

ART is the best tool available. Unfortunately it comes with too high a cost due to Maya. I made a script to modify Blender 2.8 rigify system to match the Epic Skeleton. While this solution is not quite as good as ART it comes close enough for my needs. Do check it out.