Better and more examples/tutorials/demos about characters/vehicles

Better and more demos for a several different vehicles/characters:
The examples in others engines are better than the UE4 examples, look the Unity airplanes… or the Cryengine Tank, Car, Boat…


  • Helicopter: How manage a air vehicle like a helicopter ?
  • Airplane: A normal airplane with forces and the movable parts ? (Like Unity 5 example airplane)


  • Trunk: A vehicle truck with individual physics parts with wheels ?
  • Motorbike: A motorbikes with 2 wheels ?
  • Tank: A working treads with physics, the wheels of the treads, movable turret and weapons ?
  • Train: A vehicle driven by a spline with individual physical parts with joints ?
  • Quadruped: A quadruped character (physics - a horse is a example of this because have 2 support parts spaced) ?


  • Boat: A vehicle without wheels over the water ?


  • Hover vehicle: A fly vehicle floating over the ground ?

Current demos in UE4:

  • 4 Wheels car with physic parts.
  • Glider
  • UFO.
  • Ball.
  • Character pawn. (Biped)
  • FPS/TPS Characters. (Biped)

This examples is about how manage the forces, physics, parts, moves, etc, no how make a model…

*If all examples are like the Advanced Vehicle example then will be good for all. (Simple example but with different parts working, useful to learn and make games)

*Will be nice if add one example of pawn possess in a car example with optional move of seat (Drive,2,3,4,Turret for example).
I see this but will be better if add a example of how change the seat when your are in the car and include this in the learn samples.

Hi Hevedy,

These are some great examples for sure. I’ll see about incorporating more of these movement types into streams.

I think we have some of those covered already, let me see if I can get you those resources.

We will be livestreaming a tank tutorial:

I am pretty sure that the tank tutorial is already featured in this twitch stream as well:

Hover vehicles and helicopters could be created using this tutorial by Zak Parrish:

TeslaDev has a video for possessing and putting a character in a car:

Thanks for those suggestions, I will see what is being done and talk with our documentation team.

I hope those help you!

I know about that videos but, will be better if Epic add this to the Learn resources or to a “Official” documentation.
Anyway, i going to see the stream of today, after the stream i will tell you if the tank have something type of simulation in the treads with physics & wheels in the treads (Basic) or is a simple treads animated material without physics. (If in a stream you can’t make a complete vehicle (code) then put this as sample)
*Because in the screen the tank don’t have wheels in the treads…
This need a working/complete vehicles, check the Unity 5 airplane example, check the code, about that i say.

It would also be nice to have a movement component with network prediction, similar to the character movement component, that didn’t require a capsule as the root object. This seems like it would be useful for all sorts of vehicles.

You can use a empty pawn and then add things.
To use the Character Movement component with different collision, you need wait, is in the roadmap. (Or change you the code)

I see today the stream, nice basic tank, but don’t have a example of wheels + treads with “physics” like the vehicle example, this need a better example usable for games. (The tank is a simple boxes with animated material)
Something like this wheels + treads: /

That’s a great example for Alan. We’re now talking to him and other tech artists about expanding these examples. There has been a lot of demand for tank tread physics and motorcycles.

I would like to jump in and say that I would like to see how to make use of the animation system for a more complex kind of character.

I have this working but I’m not sure if that is the right way to do it:

post #12 shows what i got so far.