Better 4k resolution support

It would be a great help for those with 4k monitors if the editor’s text and icons could be scaled up easily to match the display resolution. Also, if it’s possible, adding support for the screen percentage post process in editor mode would be great, for when you’re just trying to work and don’t necessarily need the full resolution.

This is something I would really like to see aswell. So +1 for this! It’s not fun to work in the editor with a 4k screen atm.

Technically, you can adjust scaling in the Widget Reflector (Window -> Developer Tools). The main problems with that are A) the setting does not save and B) it messes with UI hit tests (scaling down). Was really hoping adjustments would have been made in this area for 4.5, but sadly that does not seem to be the case.

Better scalability would be nice.
Although Im having the “problem” in the other direction.
I would like to have the icons smaller. For example I would like to make the (default) left side of the editor windows a bit smaller.
But then the geometry mode button diappears (becomes a dropdown). If those icons were half the size, I would be happy :smiley:

Does Play in new window support 4k. I’ve set my window sizes to Ultra HD (4k) but I am not sure if it is actually running in 4k. The reason I say this is get the exact same fps in regular HD when I hit stat FPS after running in new editor window.

Epic, please address this :smiley:

It’d make streaming from high-res displays so much better.