Better 3rd-Person Movement

Hello World,

I have very recently started learning the awesomeness that is UE4. Blueprint is amazing and I’m grateful to be able to learn the basics of programming without learning exact wording. Thank you Epic Games!

Anyway, I’m playing around with making a sports game as my goal while I learn UE4. I followed the clear and informative 3rd-person tutorial on Unreal’s page. It was a good start, but I was unhappy with the results of the movement and the controls. I like more free-running 3rd-person movement and the tutorial makes an absolute-direction movement. That’s good for static levels, but that won’t work for sports games, or possibly most 3rd-person games.

During my hours and hours of research and trial-and-error, I found results in the FPS template: get the forward and right vectors from “Get Control Rotation”. This keeps it relative to the character’s forward and right, no matter what direction they started or are facing. I didn’t even have to break and make rotations and unchecked Use Controller Yaw Input. I don’t have the blueprints on this computer, but it’s something like this:

                        -- Get Forward Vector  -- World Direction of Add Movement Input

Get Control Rotation
– Get Right Vector – World Direction of Add Movement Input

Simple and effective. Love UE4! Thank you Epic Games!


Hello there,
I’m struggling with a similar issue.
As sport game have, I got a fixed camera, a give my character an absolute (world space) direction to go. But i can get the character rotation to follow his relative forward vector.
Any insight on that matter ? Thanks