Beta version of Unity 5

I found out that beta version of Unity 5 was released yesterday. I watched the videos on physics-based materials and Global Illumination lighting in Unity 5. I didn’t pre-order Unity 5 and I found out that I must subscribe for a whole year. Does Unreal Engine 4 have physics-based materials and Global Illumination lighting?

Yes, UE4 has physically based materials and Global Illumination. It has a basic dynamic GI system as well.

I never using it… but i don’t like Unity, very bad looking rendering ( just my opinion ) , i don’t know too for Unity 5. At the moment , i never saw something really beautifull wholesales within Unity…

Why would someone pay $1500 just to use Unity 5 when UE4 costs only $20?

Those evil devs over at Unity told me if I pay $200 I can get Unity Pro student license but I cannot sell what I made they trolled me so bad with it I mean whats the point of paying $200 for a pro license when you cannot use it for anything? and you can just download free version and you can use that for commercial? UE4 has free student that you can use to sell for commercial.

I never liked Unity at all because free has horrid 1998 graphics.

Unity is very cheap in the long run–$1,500 for a royalty free license, for many games it would be cheaper to pay that upfront than the 5% that you’d have to pay Epic.

^ yeah if you are rich. Unity PRO does not cater to hobbyist and solo devs and students at all, the bottom of the barrel indie devs.

UE4 a 10 million dollar Engine does by some miracle. Would bring joy to my life to actually let EPIC take 5 percent of anything I make especially since the likes of valve takes something like 40%

Epic fees are charity.

If you make more than $30,000 from a game then the $1,500 Unity license is cheaper. So pretty much if your game is successful then it’s cheaper. For many people it’s still cheaper than other software you have to buy–3ds Max/Maya is around $3,500

It’s $1500 per seat without pro android and pro iphone. So it’s cheaper if you make more than $30,000 per developer.

yes, and if you want support for Android and iOS, you must add $3000 more, to make it convenient in economic terms, your game should bill $90000 per developer.
I dont know how many developers are necessary for unity to offer discounts for “team”, but I think it isnt for just a couple.

I have Unity 5 Pro. Still, for me it is nothing too different from Unity 4; it just have Enlighten and a default PBR shader.
I like UE4 workflow way more.

You don’t actually need Pro for each developer. Not all of the team needs the editor and many people could work off the features of the Free version. The project can even be opened with the free version without invalidating the use of the pro features–for instance you can build lighting on the pro version and open it in free and the built lighting is still there. You really only need pro for doing game builds and lighting.

WRONG! So wrong… Unity prohibits that, read their EULA. It IS all Pro licenses or nothing =]
Also, Unity editor has a TON of spywhere implemented, if you use Free + Pro or are using a pirated editor… and make considerable money publishing a game, they gonna go after you.

There’s nothing in the engine to stop that from happening. Plus, consider this–you download free and start working on a project to try it out, you decide to continue with it and buy a Pro license because you want those features, you can still release a game even though you did work with the free license before you bought Pro.

EDIT: To clarify, I’m saying their terms are inconsistent, that it’s encouraged to upgrade to Pro from free, but if they truly were preventing people from using a mix of pro and free licenses then that would mean you wouldn’t be able to do that. And if they wanted to actually stop people, they could easily allow people to do the upgrade but prevent the project files saved in a pro version from being used in a free version.

Dude; What you are suggesting is illegal. Unity do not agree with that, it is in their EULA, if you want to publish a game using illegal tricks go ahead.

That’s not illegal, the free version is there to encourage you to buy the pro version, if they had any mechanism that detects the mix of free and pro licenses then it would detect those people as well. If they wanted to prevent it they could easily change it to where projects saved with the pro version aren’t compatible with the free version but they chose not to do that.
In any case, most of a development team doesn’t need a license, programmers can create code without having to transfer the project, since the code is easy to move around, much of the art work can be done without the editor, you only really need a license for the level designers who have to put it all together, which isn’t going to be very many people on a small team. Lots of people are also working by themselves, which makes it even simpler.

Anyways, the original point is that Unity isn’t really expensive, upfront it’s a much bigger difference compared to a $20 subscription, but in the long run for what people plan to do (be successful) it ends up being a pretty small cost. I still prefer UE4, because it has more complete systems and better quality. But at work we’ve used Unity on projects because of licensing, where a one-time fee of $1,500 is way cheaper than having to deal with a 5% royalty.
For me on my own, 5% is nothing, especially compared to costs like selling on Steam which takes 30%.

This right here. I have been keeping an eye on Unity for a while but my problem with Unity as a whole is the entry fee. I’m a hobbyist with this whole game development thing and asking $1500 is too much in my opinion. Which is why I love UE4 so much. C++/source access, more refined user interface (I hate working with Unity from what I’ve tried in the free version) and the hobbyist friendly price. A $1500 Unity Pro license will cost as much as 6 years and 3 months of UE4.

Don’t worry about price, the future is for subscriptions/month and good companies like Epic have understood it .

Technically, it’d be $33000 (at least), because the first $3000 in a quarter is exempt.

Dude, if good graphics is what you want, go for ue4 and don’t think twice. so unity got at last physic shaders. ue4 has it from the beginning. and what about light shaft, fog and a lot more visual effects that when you come to unity from ue4 you will feel like you are making an old game. and i don’t even talking about the free version! Unity is very nice for smaller and lighter games, but they can’t get near to epic with visuality performance. and you also get the source code.
If you go for smart phone apps and web/light computer games you can go for unity free because it is a lot lighter on those machines. but not for graphics. not even close.

I can even say that unity is the best thing for 2D for mobiles! with it’s new 2D features from 4.3. and it is completely free for ios and android too ( unless you pass selling of 100k$, and if you do that, i don’t think you will have a problem to buy the pro version hehe ).