[Beta Release] Pose Camera livelink plugin for realtime body/hands mocap from an iPhone

We are pleased to announce the Marketplace release of our free Unreal LiveLink plugin for Pose Camera, our mobile app for realtime body and hands motion capture, based on our proprietary pose estimation AI.

The app is currently available in our free open beta on iOS, requiring an iPhone 8 or newer. Learn more on the Marketplace page or follow the links to our website.

A short example of running Pose Camera paired with Unreal:

Pose Camera is primarily designed for interactive, player-driven motion input in realtime. All motion capture is performed on the phone rather than on the desktop or a server and the app does not require the latest phone (solid fps on an iPhone 8).

The plugin can also be used by Creators to record their own animations. See our website for instructions on how to use Unreal’s Take Recorder to record animations from the LiveLink stream. We also have a FAQ with usage tips and which discusses the strengths and limitation of our software compared to other mocap approaches.

We just released a small hotfix to the plugin, version 1.01, as some users reported suffering an Unreal Engine crash in the middle of a LiveLink stream (due to the animation TArray failing its resize). We believe our fix should handle this issue but, as we couldn’t consistently reproduce the reported issue on our systems, please let us know if you still have this issue after updating (at or message us on the forums ).

To update plugins click on Installed Plugins under your engine version from the epic menu and select update next to ours.