[Beta Release] Pose Camera livelink plugin for realtime body/hands mocap from an iPhone

We are pleased to announce the Marketplace release of our free Unreal LiveLink plugin for Pose Camera, our mobile app for realtime body and hands motion capture, based on our proprietary pose estimation AI.

The app is currently available in our free open beta on iOS, requiring an iPhone 8 or newer. Learn more on the Marketplace page or follow the links to our website.

A short example of running Pose Camera paired with Unreal:

Pose Camera is primarily designed for interactive, player-driven motion input in realtime. All motion capture is performed on the phone rather than on the desktop or a server and the app does not require the latest phone (solid fps on an iPhone 8).

The plugin can also be used by Creators to record their own animations. See our website for instructions on how to use Unreal’s Take Recorder to record animations from the LiveLink stream. We also have a FAQ with usage tips and which discusses the strengths and limitation of our software compared to other mocap approaches.

We just released a small hotfix to the plugin, version 1.01, as some users reported suffering an Unreal Engine crash in the middle of a LiveLink stream (due to the animation TArray failing its resize). We believe our fix should handle this issue but, as we couldn’t consistently reproduce the reported issue on our systems, please let us know if you still have this issue after updating (at support@pose-ai.com or message us on the forums ).

To update plugins click on Installed Plugins under your engine version from the epic menu and select update next to ours.

We have added Mac support to the plugin in version 1.02. However, there seems to be an issue running it from the engine folder, at least on our test machine (Apple silicon, unreal 4.26.2). A quick workaround: copy the PoseAI plugin folder from Engine/Plugins/Marketplace/ into /Plugins/, and then make sure to uninstall the plugin from the engine itself. We have asked Epic to investigate this oddity.

We have specified a Blueprint category for PoseAILiveLinkRetargetRotations as the lack prevented some packaging builds.

We have released a new version (0.8.23) of the ios app, available on TestFlight, and extended the open (free) beta for another couple months. We have also submitted an updated plugin (1.2) in Unreal.

Main changes are:

  1. We added Blueprint events notifying when the subject’s visibility changes, including each body segment, like you see in app. This can be used to pause the game and tell the player to get back in view. We also added other useful event data. We updated the example file showing how to use these features, printing visibility changes to screen and using one piece of extra data, the player’s lean, as a character controller.
  2. Now works on recent iPads (A12 chip or more recent). Please report if you have any problems.
  3. Pose Camera can now be launched and configured with a URL scheme or Universal link from another app, weblink or QR code (Universal links)
  4. Various internal changes to the app which should make app more stable (and make it easier to solve any future issues). Please submit crash reports in TestFlight to the developer if you have any.

Hi, another updated release (0.8.27) of the iOS app with an updated plugin exposing a bunch of new features

  1. Events…Lots of them! To help simplify game design and enable play where the actual animation is secondary to what the player is doing, we added a motion controller which tells you when the camera detects the player, in real-life, has stepped (jogging in place), jumped, crouched, flapped their arms, etc.

  2. An advanced playable [demo here] where we blend the animation starter pack state-machine with player mocap input events, so you can run around a level by jogging in place, turn by leaning or twisting your torso, a course where you move by pumping your arms, a fly area where you fly around by flapping your arms, crouch, jump etc. We show how to fade back to an idle animation when the player is not detected on camera…

  3. QoS: We added some convenience nodes to help streamline connecting a player character to LiveLink at runtime, as well as configuring the camera app and event sensitivity from within blueprints. We also use a much more compressed packet size by default, but you can still set the packets to verbose for debugging. The app should automatically try to reconnect if interrupted and sent to the background by say a phonecall.

The new app version uses more specific names (including IP address) for the LiveLink subject name so existing projects may require checking the animation blueprint to make sure the LiveLink node subject name is still correct.