Bestagon Now on Kickstart

Bestagon: A combination of adventure/trading and city-building in a MMO strategy long-term game! we (now a small team of 3, 1 fulltimer me) are hoping to make.

It is a game I always dreamt of making, and spent the last year trying to see if it was really executable, now we think it is.
but it won’t become a mmo unless we know that the community can be something.

Now I am a developer and totally not someone who wants to “sell my game” but to make it. Yet i am giving it a go,
I hope that the community likes it, and feedback is always welcome.

Check :slight_smile:

I do not know what this game is, i am given city builder combined with other elements of city builder, but online. Please show us some game, rather than some controls of the game, which we dont know what the game is.

Hi Bits, on is our kickstarter with some more information,
Your looking at the Windows Client(One of the streaming clients to the server to show the world)

Long Story for this community and you of course
As a solo dev I am mostly focused on the server that makes the world so I don’t have much to show.
That’s why some possible future bestagonions(other developers) wanted to see if they could promote the idea and I needed to show something. so i turned my dev client into the first windows client and made it a bit better to show the state of the project.
So honestly i can’t show many aspects of the game because A it is not in a steaming client or B not yet on server. It going to be still a longggg but
Hopely successful struggle to get my idee fully working,
But the mechanic I need to make the world that i want, work.

As you can read above, i am doing my best, but i am a terrible salesman,
I am a simple (in my opinion) capable dev that had the opportunities to learn and build the base for my second best game idea (first is not executable by myself)
And now (almost forcefully) showing my idee.
But I know I am it.

P.s Sorry for the long post and bad English. I’m not a native speaker(Dutch) with dyslexia.

If someone has some suggestions I am always open for feedback.

I’m no expert, but FWIW:

It may be hard to get people excited about investing half-a-million dollars in a game unless you can show them that the game will be fun to play. While you’ve done some under-the-hood work that is essential to your idea and mechanics, I don’t see the parts that scream out “fun!” Others may see it differently, but I think you may have some more work to do before you can convince people that it’s worth throwing half-a-million at this.

Thanks for your vision and will think about it
Because I see it as throwing 6 or 29 at this to fund a nice idee, regardless of the kost of any project. .

but i know i see things mostly different, and the 0.5m this is a caluations, for 3/5 people development kost with real overhead taxes and all for 3 years of development so we can keep are promesses of course , (so i suggested that target for us)
But I am just showing off the game in that way,and it’s mainly to speed up the process of the game itself. and still a real good measuring point I hope to see what everybody thought

But I really didn’t see that I had to convince people that it is worth throwing half a mil at that. (maby i was way to focus on the development it self sorry)

And Worst of all, I hate sowing fake things, no shortcuts and in the world of today i almost don’t see a option, i have to finish the game first almost and i am fine with that but then i can’t promise a mmo experience in a fast timeframe.

And Then i know its still a long shot because i don’t see the game as 29 euros in its presentations. even if that’s realy 2 clients (bad salesman) but in my experience, it is.

Hoop that clears some up. And I am going to take a step back and have a thought about this.

P.s This is why I love forums but hate that I am terrible at typing my idee`s.