Best workflow for multiple movie screens

I’m new to Unreal.
I am trying to figure out the best method of implementing a concert hall environment that has many movie screens playing simultaneously.
There are 3000 seats and each will need a screen with a movie representing an audience member.
So the questions are:

  1. Can I actually get that many screens, with one movie per screen, into Unreal in the first place, or is that just too much for it to handle?
  2. If the engine can handle it, then an option to reduce workflow is maybe to pre-compose multiple movies in a horizontal strip like a film strip, with an alpha channel to create the separate screens, if that is achievable.

The attached image shows the general idea with the two approaches.

All comments/suggestions appreciated :slight_smile:

Is there maybe a better place to post questions re the functionality of Unreal?

It would be best to keep the number of actual video files low, so what you could do is put multiple low-resolution videos in a grid in one video and then UV map your screens to the right videos. So you might have a 1080p video that has like 24 videos within it. You wouldn’t be able to get it up to 3,000 different videos though, maybe 4 videos like that so ~100 within that. And you could fit more if you make them lower resolution