Best websites for 3D Modells

what is the best website for 3D Modells? Like weapons, characters?
that are working with UE4

Hey CodyKight! I would say the Marketplace. Have you checked it out? It’s probably the largest hub of UE4 ready assets out there.

I have checked it but i think it not so much creations there,

That’s the best source for Unreal Engine 4-compatible assets at the moment. There’s other marketplaces, such as TurboSquid and CGTrader, but don’t expect the assets to be compatible with UE4 out of the box. They’ll require some tinkering.

You can also check out the Community Content subforum, sometimes developers release assets for free there. =)

You can also check out my website Characters come as UE4 Ready .uasset packages.

These are a Work in Progress, I’ll be adding more animations, and later more characters, but thought I’d share to help out and for some feedback.