Best way to writea plugin for custom input devices

Hi guys

I’d like to write a plugin to add support for custom (and unconventional) input devices (for instance, something we make with Arduino e co.). I know how to write an Unreal plugin but I’d like to know what is the best way to build a plugin to use an external input device.

The main idea is that the input device produces “numbers” and I’d like to write a plugin that allow my game to access those values during gameplay.

In particular, I thought at two main directions:

  1. I have to extend IInputDeviceModule and create a new IInputDevice? Unfortunately this part is really undocumented. :frowning:
  2. Otherwise, it is a valid option to write some custom Blueprint functions that return the input device state? Or a custom Blueprint event that return the device state at each frame? Do you think it is too much performance consuming?

Any tips that can bring me on the right direction is really appreciated. :smiley: