Best way to Work on UE4!

It is with great pride that I share with you my workstation.
Much sacrifice to pay, but here we are.



Now you will be expected to work 4 times faster, and make as many community contributions as your total pixels on those screens. :stuck_out_tongue:

I stay tunned more on answer hub, but this post cannot be shared there :wink:

Now that is awesome!

Awesome setup and I have the same Bamboo drawing tablet xD, I have already started working on concept art for the map I want to redesign for Unreal Tournament I hope I can make it original and familiar at the same time, very though challenge but it can be done!

I would have a setup like that if I wasn’t a pauper. However I still think 3x monitor with a bezel showing is annoying. Why don’t they just add bezel removal on the hardware for linking? Makes no sense :slight_smile:

:stuck_out_tongue: When I would have the money my workstation would look the same as yours (unfortunately at the moment I just have a main screen and a old one as my 2nd) -> how big are those screens? 26"?

No. Its Just 21". If it was 26 it would be unbearable pain in the neck. The TV is 42".

Ah ok, thx for the info :slight_smile:

It does not take much getting used to. Playing is less noticeable yet.

If we’re sharing work/battlestations then here’s my very messy and semi-low-budget one :smiley:

2014-05-10 02.25.13.jpg

Also I think I have the same wacom tablet but it’s in my desk at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re doing workstations? Impressive ones so far! No 3 screens for me unfortunately :frowning:


I’m turning my old mac into a (perforce) server, I’m not usually working on two laptops at the same time of course. :smiley:

OK I’ll bite. Here’s mine (I’ve already moved my studio monitors so they’re not blocked since taking these)
ie5WEGQ.jpg 8mLJTES.jpg QlcSmEt.jpg

@BlindRob, nice wallpaper! Is that a mechanical keyboard?

Sure is, Won it at PAX east playing CS:GO, Corsair Vengeance K90

EDIT: Wallpaper link

You have the best workplace :stuck_out_tongue: -> paper + a cup of tea/coffee, that’s very important

Here is my setup:

(looks pretty old against all the other setups :D)

So you’re solving Rubik’s cubes while recording English and German videos at the same time? Talk about multitasking… :cool:

That’s why you sometimes hear strange noises during the videos :stuck_out_tongue: But those cubes are so difficult to solve… :frowning:

You call that old? Until May last year i was running UDK on a single 15" CRT. You people and your multi-screen workstations…pfft. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Luckily now i’m on a 21.5 " LED and thats good enough most of the time. I only wish we still had CRT’s in the market though. :\

:stuck_out_tongue: two screens are pretty useful when you are a level designer and fx artist -> on the main screen the level and on the smaller one the material editor and cascade (but normally I also just use one, luckily one of my friends gave me the small one so that I can work faster :D)