Best way to work for a TC?

Since there are various ways to code I was wondering what the best way is to stay compatible with all the frequent updates and provide us with the least amount of changes we need to do to our existing code. I’m asking because I envision a Big Reworked Ark, with a lot more different resources and what not.
But I would like to actually to be able to keep supporting it through all the updates, and not having to worry all the time if an update will break my game.
Currently I am trying out stuff for my TC by simply overwriting the original files. This am guessing is the worst way to code, as any change to a file or blueprint will overwrite my values, and everytime I will need to check what changed in the original file.
Then you have the copy and remap option. Slighly better I guess, but any changes done to your overriding blueprints, you need to recopy the new version and recode it again.
Last I think we have childing a blueprint: I guess this should be my preferred method, as every change do to a blueprint would find it’s way automatically towards your child. The only exception being the changing of existing values in the blueprint pre change.
I haven’t tested everything out.
Like I would like to make changes to the foliage settings for having thin palm trees only providing thatch and the big Oak (or whatever) trees to provide a lot more wood.
Can I use the primalGamedata array Remap Resources for this.
Or do I still have to overwrite the original files?

So what method do you use?

Thanks for your feedback