Best way to utilise SourceControl with git

Hi community! This has likely been discussed a bunch, but I wasn’t sure where to start looking, so feel free to simply point me in the right direction and lock the thread if need be.

I’m utilising Source Control via git in Unreal Engine. We seem to be getting a bunch of conflicts when looking at merging so feel that we’re possibly doing something wrong (and have moved to a one person at a time system until we can get this sorted). I know bit support is still in beta, but if anyone has any information in regards to the best way to utilise Source Control, what works best, and what frustrations I’m likely to hit in the future, it’d be hugely appreciated.


Are you sourcing the visual studio files by chance? Make sure everything redundant is removed as the build systems automate all of the build files and configurations. Only source what’s needed to compile.

This answer has a lot of general information, but without more information it’s difficult to point out conflict sources.

Ooh that’ll be a great starting point. I’ll give that a run through, and head back with further specific information if we run into issues. :slight_smile:


No problem! The engine embedded git controls are nice but I like to use the git bash for everything since I have more control. I use bulk git tools like git-fat for large assets (since model iterations can eat monstrous amounts of disk space). I usually put them on a bulk drive in a separate repository with singular backups while I’m working so my code repository isn’t bulky. Just food for thought.

The officially wiki page for good starting points as well.

Use git LFS!