Best way to tackle player height control in-game?

My character customization includes an adjustable height, but it needs to work with all my animations from a single skeleton.

I can’t see standing animations posing too much of an issue, but sitting animations, or really anything where the character will be interacting with objects of a set height may be a problem.

If I adjust height from the feet, I can imagine them floating when “sitting” on chairs, if I adjust height from the waist, I can imagine their feet will clip through the ground when sitting on chairs.

Bethesda games handle this by scaling all characters to a single height when they’re about to interact with an object such as a chair, but this seems to be a very inelegant solution. (If the transition was subtle enough and happened during the animation from standing to sitting, I can imagine this working within a height change of 6" or so, but I need a larger difference of height)

Does anyone have any ideas or know of any games that do this really well that I could study?

Edit: attached is an illustration of my predicament.


I think you need to take a look at

Eh! For some reason I hadn’t even considered IKs within UE4 itself,

Looks like I’ve got some learning to do