Best way to switch Actors

Im trying to allow a first person player to be able to use a ‘computer’ allowing a top down camera to show the players position in the level.
while in the computer, the player can not move, but can move around the camera and has a separate HUD and the environment will respond to the mouse clicking things. (not dissimilar to natural selection 2 when entering a command chair but much more simple)

Whats the best architecture for this setup?
Something to do with game states?
Or change the active player controller to the camera? then possessing it back when finished (in this case a log out button)?


I’m not sure if I understood you correctly, so a player would walk to a computer and click on it, this would trigger an event ,
you can then use cinematic mode and make a new camera and position it yourself,
then in the cinematic mode node settings, set if the camera can rotate or not and move or not, using your playerController input.
This can be done with blueprints easily.
You would then set up input for controlling the cinematic camera position, and rotation.
Take a look at the Memory game example.