best way to study individal parts of Content Examples

In the Content Examples, I am a bit lost as how to isolate each effect and study how it is done. There are so many folders and things like that and scattered blueprints and c headers. Is there a get me started guide or a tutorial on how to go about studying each part, preferably in blueprint format? Thanks.

Hey malospam -

I hear yeah! There is a lot there and it can be overwhelming at first. One really easy way to help narrow down is to find an exhibit that you like and click on the component of the exhibit. Notice in the Scene Outliner, if the item selected begins with BP_ then right click on it in the scene outliner and find in content browser (or alternatively CTRL-B). It will take you right to the Blueprint or asset you want to see.

Also most of the blueprints that you will want to see are going to be found in the EXAMPLECONTENT folder of the Content Browser with sub-folders which are logically laid out when you first open the Content Examples.

Hope that helps you get started,

Another useful trick is using the “In use by level” filter in the Content Browser. If you select the “Game” folder and then enable that filter, it’ll only show assets that are used in the level you currently have open.

Thank you sir, that helped so much!!!

Thanks Thomas. and again thank you Eric!