Best way to spawn random Objects for the player to Pickup/dodge

Hello, i have a minigame where the player is trying to collect falling objects while harmful objects are also falling. I have only been able to think of one way to do this but it seems kind of wonky. Right now i just have an array of spawn locations. An array of objects and a event tick that spawns them randomly on a point from the array. Is there a better more “Polished” way to do this? any help would be appreciated.

Show more info like a video please

Oh sorry here is a video. It works but just dosen’t feel right. Idk if its too random or something. Thats what i mean about it feels un polished.

You could for example have a blueprint of an UFO flying at the top (or it could be invisible BP) moving left to right, and at random times changing its direction, then spawning the items under it to drop.

Instead of “tick” I would also recommend using “set timer by event” and set it looping. Or just launch the “drop object event” once, then have a delay of random float between range when finished spawning routine, then call the same event again.

Ok thanks that’s a good idea. I’m more worried about the spawning it looks and feels weird. I would like to more determined and less random but not predicable. I’m just not sure how else to do it other then the way I’ve done lol.

I’m still having trouble figuring a way out to make this spawning better. Right now it feels really random and i want it more controlled i guess. Does anyone have any ideas.

How about 1 spawner / actor / location, where you can specify the spawn rate and the actor:


For more than 1 actor per spawner, it’s just a question of adding an array and a random get.

Thank you that feels alot better :smiley: i appreciate it. I don’t know why i didn’t think about that and just shoved everything into 1 Blueprint lol.

There’s also random point in bounds. Use a simple box collision scaled/sized as needed. Then pick a random point in it as the spawn location. You could even go as far as having on begin overlap event to trigger spawning.