Best way to spawn in a simple environment


Just a disclaimer, I am an absolute novice when it comes to ue4 so bear with me!

I’m working on a school project in A.I. and we are required to use UE4 for visualizing a robot
that uses our custom path-finding algorithms to find a path to a goal. The robot moves in a 2d
environment that is defined by some outer borders and some obstacles within the borders.
The robot, goal and obstacles can only appear within those outer borders

We are given a json file that defines the environment and it contains:
1. A list of points in 2d space that defines the outer borders,
2. A list of obstacles that are again each defined by a list of points in 2d space

Both the obstacles and the playing area are convex polygons.

So I’ve been wondering what would be the most suitable way of spawning the environment in using C++.
Would it be best to keep all that information in one class, if that is even possible.

I would appreciate any advice or ideas on this and am ready to answer any questions if I haven’t explained
myself well enough.

Thanks in advance.