Best way to spawn in a simple environment


Note: I am an absolute novice user in Unreal so bare with me!
I am using ue4 (which is a requirement) to simulate the movements of a robot in a simple 2d space.
The 2d space is defined by a JSON which includes:
1. A list of points in the 2d space that define the outer walls of the area, i.e. the borders of the simulation environment
2. A list of obstacles which again is a list of points defining each obstacle.

Both the simulation environment and the obstacles are convex polygons in the 2d space. The plan is to render the whole
thing in 3d just to make it more realistic.

So I’ve been wondering about what is the best way of doing this in C++. Would it be best to have a class for each “wall”
of each obstacle and the environment and somehow spawn that in or is there a way of containing all this environment in
some single c++ actor class.

I would love to hear any of your advice and answer any questions if I did not make myself clear.
Thanks in advance.