Best way to send vectors over OSC?

I’m creating a multitouch controller kit, primarily for use with Max/MSP. I’ve got a working blueprint that’s splitting and then appending vector components, but I’m fairly new to UE and wondering what the most efficient way to do this is.

The idiom for dealing with vectors in Max is as space delimited lists of the axis values, which I believe are internally a collection Type, rather than a string (which Max calls a ‘symbol’). Currently I’m receiving what is shown in the below screenshot


I can strip the quotes on the Max side, but I’m wondering if there’s a more direct way to send the vector.

I don’t see an “Add Vector To OSC Message” node.

Casting to strings and concatenating them with the Append node creates some garbage/new strings? (would this be negligible for a mobile app running hours at a time anyway?)

Would it be at all advisable to try bitmasking the vector components in a single float, or maybe use a blob?

I’m able to proceed with the blueprint I have, but I want to learn more about the workings of the Unreal Engine.