Best Way to Rename a C++ Project...

So I have a C++ projects that has a combination of C++ code changes and Blueprints and is built using the Source Code version of the engine and not the standard developer editor. Basically it is a heavily modified version of the MMO Kit.

Now my question is … what is the best way to rename the project? It currently displays as CleanThirdPerson … including the build targets and the executable.

I initially did the relevant renames in the editor … and then open the solution file inside Visual Studio 2013 and commenced to do a search for CleanThirdPerson and replace it with my game name. I also did a search outside the engine for the same CleanThirdPerson and did a rename of those with my game name. But now when I build I get an invalid target during the make stage.

This is Windows 7 64bit … using Unreal Engine 4.6.1.

I am on the right track … or am I missing something completely obvious here. I did some searches and couldn’t really find a definitive answer or an answer that worked for me.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Never mind … I figured it out … I was missing my General Settings on the NMake options of the game properties. All good … was a little bit of a chore … but now my game at least reflects correctly. 8-}