Best way to process melee hit?

Hey everyone, I’m making a little project in which my character has a sword. I would like to handle the moment when the sword hit an enemy. Actually I have two solutions in mind but I don’t know which one to use. Is it better to trace a box at the time I want to hit to happen or should I handle the collisions of the sword with enemies. The second solution seems to give more true to life results, but I think that it can also give collision problems… I’m not sure.

The naive way is use collisions to detect hits.
That is prone to errors, performance dependent.

Some brute-force it with multiple line traces per sword animation…

I just use anim notifies + manual calculations of distance between vectors and “collision flags” which is a Enum dictated by resulting dot product of the two vectors… I don’t use PhysX :s

This seems to be a more effective way of tackling this problem. Thanks :slight_smile: