Best way to play music continuously between level WITH Quartz? and keep clock live!

Hello everyone,

I am using Quartz for managing the audio timings.
I’ve been using the “game instance” to manage and “spawn” the audio but it look like the clock doesn’t work.
Having a “subscribe to all quantization event” with a bar/beat print stops once the next level is on.
I do use “play in editor” and it crashes all the time once I hit stop.
Using 4.26.2
Shoult I wait for 4.27 if there are fixes/new features for that?

I am not sure what’s going on, I tried many things, is it a Quartz limitation @Minus_Kelvin ?

What would be the best approach then to keep the bars/beat clock going across level then?

I saw the “ignore flush” in here:

“Clock will persist across level changes” Oh oui!.. but…

But how do I use it? (with Blueprints)
It’s a C++ only “please recompile your engine type?”

I do use “ignore level change” when I create my clock settings(“MakeQuartzClockSettings”), but that doesn’t help.